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Please meet our dedicated Board. Our entire board consists of 100% volunteers. Their support, vision and drive make Bountiful Harvest what it is today.

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Yvonne Cavalli


Yvonne is not only the President of Bountiful Harvest but she is also the founder. In 2011 Yvonne had a vision to feed people in need, without question, to make sure that no one went hungry. After starting by providing food out of her church’s basement, her tenacity and vision has grown the pantry into what Bountiful Harvest is today. Yvonne has had a very diverse career background which included working for various service and fundraising organizations. She brings this knowledge with her to the table as she grows and expands the pantry with her “by the community for the community” approach. Her clients and volunteers can tell you that she also has the most caring heart which drives her every move at the pantry and with her family.

Tina Thalacker

Vice President

Tina has been involved with Bountiful Harvest since its inception and joined the board of directors in 2018. She provides support in nearly every area and works tirelessly to ensure that the goals of our mission are being accomplished and our capabilities are expanded. She engages partners to aid in our mission by obtaining monetary and tangible good donations. Tina’s family has lived in Brighton since its founding and has an unrelenting passion to make it the best place to live. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business and is an MRI Technologist. She is a National Ski Patroller providing emergency rescue services for outdoor enthusiasts. She has an incredibly supportive husband, five children and two grandchildren. Her family is very active and always on the go with a passion for our community.

Jeff Hauk

Director of Connected Kidz

Jeff is on our Board as Director (and Founder) of Connected Kidz, a DBA of Bountiful Harvest. Jeff started Connected Kidz in 2016. Connected Kidz gives free laptop computers to children who qualify for the free lunch program targeting 5th graders to get them prepared for high school and their future.

Jeff Hauk is an Information Technology Professional with 25 years experience. He has lived in Livingston County for 15 years. Jeff has a wife and 3 kids and enjoys volunteering as a family.

Michelle Perry


Michelle learned about Bountiful Harvest when she was asked to work in the kitchen for the first Dinner With A Heart. She then helped organize food donations for the pantry with her church’s women’s ministry team. Michelle began regularly volunteering at Bountiful Harvest with her husband and bible study group in 2016. As she learned more about all that Bountiful Harvest does to serve our community, Michelle sought to become more involved and joined the board as Secretary in early 2019. She and her husband Mark are parents of two adult children who have also been volunteers at the pantry. Michelle and Mark own a local small business and have been Livingston County residents since 2002.

Emily Reddick

Social Media Coordinator

​Emily has been active in volunteering at the pantry since it was founded in 2011. She then hoped to expand her volunteer experience which led to her joining the Board in January of 2017. She now manages all of Bountiful Harvest’s social media accounts. Find us on Facebook and Instagram! When Dinner with a Heart began in 2012; Emily took on organizing and decorating for the event and has truly enjoyed helping each year. Emily grew up in Livingston County and currently lives in Brighton with her husband. She loves the area and the awesome sense of community you feel here.​​

Cathy Brown

Marketing Director

Cathy joined Bountiful Harvest in October 2018 and became a board member in March 2019. After retiring from a global automotive supplier in the beginning of 2018, she was introduced to Bountiful Harvest by Jeff Hauk of Connected Kidz. When she met the passionate people who support and run Bountiful Harvest, Cathy was eager to help. She was a Marketing Professional for 15 years, specializing in Project Management. Her responsibilities included planning and managing large international events, oversight of the company website, managing the marketing team, and advertising. Cathy and her husband have six adult children along with grandchildren who keep them busy. Plus they enjoy the outdoors which also helps keep them active.

Shannon Egenolf

Head of Fundraising

Shannon began volunteering at the pantry in 2012. She had been looking for an opportunity to volunteer within the local community, but needed to be able to bring her children along. Bountiful Harvest not only welcomed the help, but let her kids (then 1 & 3 years old) the chance to volunteer as well. After helping out with the 2012 and 2013 “Dinner with a Heart” fundraiser and she was hooked. She was asked to join the board in 2013 as Head of Fundraising. Shannon continues to raise her son and daughter and is also a local children’s theater director.